Anatomical Models

     We are product to present the world's most comprehensive offering of anatomical models.  These are used by colleges, universities an medical schools to educate students, hospital to train their staff and doctors for patient education.  The needs go on and on. But rest assured that you will find what you want.  If we don't have it, then its not made.  We've provided detailed descriptions, but if you require additional help, then call one of our Customer Service Representatives.  
Heads & Torsos 
These Anatomical Models
depict all of the anatomical systems.  Both head and torso models show bones and muscles. The heads contain brains, eyes,. etc.  The torsos contain all of the internal organs of the human body.
Human Brain, Nervous Systems, anatomical models Brain / Nervous System
   Dr. Frankenstein's great mistake was using an inferior brain in creating his monster.  Here you'll find nothing but first-class brains (but we do have a budget brain).  Plus models of the human nervous system.
Human Skeleton, Human Skull, Human Bones Skeletal System
   Huge Section.  Here you will find a large selection of human skulls, human skeletons, joints, spinal columns, and extremities.  Bones, bones and more bones.  Even real human skulls and skeletons.
Muscular System Models - human muscles Muscular System
   A large section containing full body muscle figures, muscles of the head and face plus the extremities and all the joints.  Many are invaluable for patient education and sports medicine.
Circulatory System, blood circualtion Heart, Circulation
   Here you will find great anatomical models that show how the circulatory system actually works, plus lots of heart models -one suitable for everything from elementary education to advanced medical studies.
Digestive & Urinary
   An extensive exploration of both the human digestive system and the human urinary system, including the stomach, kidneys, liver, adrenal gland and more.
Respiration System, Human Lungs, Anatomy Models Lungs / Respiration
   Anatomical models of the lungs and cardiopulmonary system.  Some also show heart, pulmonary arties and veins, esophagus and diaphragm.
Human Reproduction, Pregnancy, Male Sex Organs, Female Sex Organs Reproduction
   Male and Female Pelvis sections and genitals.  Special section on life before birth, pregnancy and childbirth.  Includes human breast models and those that depict cancer.
Ear Nose and Throat Anatomy Models Ear, Nose & Throat
   Great assortment of models to explore in this anatomical specialty: many ears and larynx models.  Plus sinus, nose and auditory ossicles.
Human Skin Models The Skin
   Models showing details of both skin with hair and without hair.  Also acne, skin cancer and burn pathologies. 
Human Eye, Sight, Human Senses The Eyes / Sight
   Perhaps the most valuable of human senses, our eyes let us perceive the world around us.  Many models of the eye from life-size to whopper giants.  Most interesting are the functional ones that really work.
Human Teeth, Jaw and Tooth Development, Dental Hygine Tooth & Jaw
  Everything to do with the subjects. Great for dentists.
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