Muscle Torso Models
33-Part Deluxe Muscle Torso
    A unique feature of this life-size muscle torso is the removable 6-part muscle arm. 
The high quality torso fully represents the anatomy of the complete human upper body.  The right half shows the skin, the left half the superficial and deeper muscles with nerves, vessels and bony structure.  The versatility of this torso is rounded off by the inclusion of internal organs.  The following parts are removable: 2-part head, brain half, sternocleidomastoideus muscle, 6-part muscle arm (removable: deltoid, biceps brachii, triceps brachii, palmaris longus with flexor carpi radialis, brachioradialis with extensor carpi radialis), upper leg stump, chest/abdominal wall with detachable mammary gland, torso body, 2 lungs, 2-part heart, liver with gall bladder, 2-part stomach, kidney half, 4-part intestinal tract, 3-part female genital insert with embryo,
4-part male genital insert. Supplied on base board.
No. SH208-AA.  Only $4,495.95


27 Part Muscle Torso

31-Part Muscle Torso
   This unique torso depicts both the superficial and deep muscles.  The two main muscles, the deltoid and gluteus maximus can be removed for closer studies.  You can also study the vertebrae, the spinal cord, spinal nerves and vertebral arteries, exchange the male and female genital inserts, discover the internal structure of the brain and much more.   The following parts are removable: 6-part head, chest and abdominal wall with muscles,  7th thoracic vertebra, female mammary gland, gluteus maximus and deltoid muscles, 2 lungs, 2-part heart, 2-part stomach, liver with gall bladder, 4-part intestinal tract, front half of kidney, 3-part female genital insert with embryo, 4-part male genital insert.  Supplied with guide.

No. SH208-AB.  Only $2,395.95

27-Part Premier Muscle Torso
  This life-size muscle torso is designed to meet your high demands by showing the deep and superficial muscles in great anatomical detail. With the muscle torsos extraordinary accuracy and life size presence, this muscular masterpiece is a distinctive aid for anatomic demonstrations even in large lecture halls. The following parts can be removed from the muscle torso for detailed studies of human anatomy and muscular system: skull cap, 6-part brain, eyeball with optic nerve, chest/abdominal wall, 2-part larynx, 2 lungs, 2-part heart, diaphragm, 2-part stomach, liver with gall bladder, complete intestinal tract with appendix, front half of kidney, half urinary bladder, and 4 muscles.  Supplied on base. 

No. SH208-BA.  Only $4.495.95