Bone Structure Skulls
Bone ID Skull, color coded
   The human skull consists of many individual bones that gradually grow together as the development proceeds.  This incredible skull kit can be disassembled into 22 individual  bones. They can be then be reassembled by means of inconspicuous stable connectors attached to the slight simplified  skull sutures.  The 22 bones are depicted in 9 different didactic color so that the individual skull bones are easy to distinguish.  Each pair of bone plates has the same color.  All of the bones are natural casts from a real skull. SH215-AA
No. SH215-AA.  Only $514.95
Bone ID Skull, natural color
   Identical to the above, but individual bones are not color coded.  All are in natural bone color.
No. SH215-AA.  Only $369.95

Bone Structure Skull on Base
  This skull model is especially useful to demonstrate the specialize role of the atlas and axis.  It uses 19 didactic colors to demonstrate the shapes and relationships of the various bone plates of the skull. Flexibly mounted on the cervical spine (C1, C2 and C7 are color), this model also exhibits the hindbrain, spinal cord, spinal  nerves of the cervical spine, vertebral arteries, basil artery and rear cerebral arteries.  Disassembles into 4 parts. Mounted on stand.
No. SH215-BA. Only $399.95