Muscle Skulls
Classic Muscle Skull Classic Muscle Skull w/ Opening Jaw
Classic Muscle Skull
   This 3-part skull has been painted to show muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) on the left side of the skull. Cranial bones and structures are numbered on the right side The skull identifies over 140 anatomical details. 
No. SH218-AA.  Only $159.95
Classic Muscle Skull with Opening Lower Jaw
   Same features as above, but the jaw opens and closes and there is more detail in the lower jaw.
No. SH218-AB.  Only $314.95

TMJ Functional Muscle Skull
    In this human skull model the masticatory muscles (masseter, temporal, medial  and lateral pterygoid muscles) are represented as elastic bands. This skull model is suited to demonstrate the function of the masticator muscles with jaw occlusion, the initial stage of jaw opening and the movements of the mandible to the side and front. Highly accurate representation of the fissures, foramina, processes, sutures etc.  The skullcap is removable. Made from high-quality original casts  The skull is handmade of hard, unbreakable plastic
No. SH218-BA.  Only $299.95

Neurovascular Skull
A life size adult skull with seven cervical vertebrae mounted on a stand. The arteries are shown one one side and nerves on the other. Removing the skull cap exposes the main nerves and arteries on the floor of the cranium.  The 12 cranial nerves and the distribution of their branches is also shown. 
No. SH218-BA.  Only $594.95