Unusual Skulls

Microcephalic Skull Replica
Cast from the skull of a young human male, this faithful one-piece reproduction exhibits an alveolar abscess in the right maxilla and severe attrition of the molars in addition to the microcephalic abnormality.  Twenty-seven teeth are present

Hydrocephalic Skull Replica
Exhibiting the grossly enlarged cranium typical of the unchecked hydrocephalic condition resulting from increased intracranial pressure, this striking one piece reproduction cast from the skull of an actual human specimen is partially covered with periosteal formation. A diseased lower premolar and molar of the right side are also present.

No. SH219-AA.  Only $379.95
No. SH219-AB.  Only $379.95

Skull Replica with Cleft Palate and Maxilla
   Natural-cast from the skull of a human male, this one-piece reproduction demonstrates severe congenial facial defects affecting the mouth and palate. Has 39 teeth.
Fetal Skull Model
   Natural-cast fetal skull in 30th week of pregnancy.  A very realistic model in a unique bone-like material.  Comes with attractive stand
No. SH219-AC.  Only $379.95
No. SH219-BB.  Only $69.95