Muscle Skeletons

Muscular Max Skeleton
    This skeleton contains all the benefits of our Smart Sam skeleton, but also offers representation of the structural interactions between bones and muscles.  It depicts over 600 structures of medical and/or anatomical significance including muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) on the left side as well as hand numbered bones, fissures and foramina on the right side.  Comes with roller stand.
No. SH223-AA. Only $779.95
Max with Hanging Stand
No. SH223-AB. Only $869.95
Ligament Leo Skeleton
   Leo provides representations of the structural interaction between bones and ligaments. Its elastic ligaments on the major appendicular joints (shoulder, elbow, hip and knee) are mounted on the right side.
No. SH223-BA. Only $859.95

Ligament Leo bendable joint

Muscular Max Ligament Leo