Flexible Human Skeletons
Flexible Fred Super Sam
Flexible Fred
   All the features of Sam, plus he's flexible.  His spine can bend to mime any natural human movement.  Once flexed, it remains fixed in position to demonstrate correct and incorrect posture or various pathological conditions.  Plus all skull movements can be demonstrated as the head moves.  Spinal nerve exits and vertebral arteries are shown as well as a dorso-lateral disc prolapse between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae.  Comes with roller stand.. 
No. SH225-AA. Only $659.95
Flexible Fred w / elastic hand and foot
No. SH225-AB. Only $699.95
Flexible Fred with hanging roller stand
No. SH225-AC. Only $969.95

Super Sam Skeleton
   All the features in one skeleton!  This top-of-the-line skeleton combines the features of our various deluxe skeletons.  It has Fred's flexible spinal column, permitting the demonstration of skull and head movements plus all human postures.  It has Max's muscle origins and insertions, and Leo's ligaments.  Plus emerging spinal nerves and vertebral arteries and disc prolapse between L3 and L4.  Comes with roller stand.
No. SH225-CA. Only $899.95
Super Sam Skeleton with hanging stand
   Same as above, but with stand
No. SH225-CB.  Only $969.95