Real Human Bones

Important Notice

    It is perfectly legal to own human bones and doctors and medical schools have been using them for education for many years.  The problem is obtaining them.  The United States has very strict rules regarding the disposal of human remains. For many years India was was the primary source for human bones and skeleton, but laws were passed to prohibit their export.  New skulls and skeletons are now being exported from China, but the supply varies.  We do purchase them retiring doctors, estates, etc. 

Real Human Skulls

   Obviously, they are made of real bone.  Size will vary slightly from skull to skull, just as it does in people, but all come from adults. Human skulls are subject to great variation in quality. The biggest single factor is the condition of the teeth.  Generally, only skulls from young people have a full set of teeth and they are far and few between.  Most skulls come from older people who have lost some or all of their teeth. We usually have skulls with both cut and uncut calvarium.   Other than cleaning and stearling, they are provided "as is." 

Real Human Skeletons

    Authentic real skeletons are, of course, made of natural human bones. They are hand assembled and wired, according to rigid standards. Exact specifications vary from one source to another, but generally the arms and legs are removable, the skull has the calvarium cut with a spring-held jaw and there is a hook for hanging. Usually come with zippered dust cover and skeletal system chart to help you identify each bone.  Most are about 55-60" tall.
     We can also provide disarticulated skeleton, subject to availability.  Real human skeletons are becoming increasing difficult to obtain. We offer them subject to availability. Each skeleton is individually priced, based on condition and the degree of assembly. A major factor is the condition of the teeth (see above.) 

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