Classic Spinal Columns
Classic Flexible Spine
   Our most popular spine for patient education is also our most affordable.  Fully flexible and designed for hands-on demonstrations.  Features: Full pelvis and occipital plate, fully flexible mounting, L3-L4 disc prolapsed, spinal nerve exits, cervical vertebral.  Stand not included.
No. SH232-AA. Only $139.95

Classic Flexible Spine
with Femur Heads
No. SH232-AB. Only $149.95
Classic Flexible Spine
  with Female Pelvis
Same as our classic flexible spine, but has female pelvis.
No. SH232-AC. Only $179.95
Classic Flexible Spine
   with Painted Muscles
    Painted spines add a new dimension to demonstrations.  Muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) are painted on left innominate, femur and vertebrae.  Stand not included.
No. SH232-AD. Only $209.95
Classic Flexible Spine Classic - Painted Muscles