Arm Skeletons
   Features the bones of the human arm.  We have related Anatomical Models. 
See: Circulatory System Arm Model and Arm Models with Muscles.

Deluxe Arm Skeletons
Comes with Scapula & Clavicle
Deluxe Left Arm Skeleton Deluxe Right Arm Skeleton
No. SH241-GL.  Only $124.95
No. SH241-GR.  Only $124.95

Standard Arm Skeletons
Life size Arm Skeletons are articulated.  Hand bones are wired together. 
Standard Left Arm Skeleton Standard Right Arm Skeleton
No. SH241-AL. Only $94.95
No. SH241-AR Only $94.95

Humerus, Left Humerus, Right
No. SH241-CL. Only $28.99
No. SH241-CR. Only $29.99

Ulna, Left Ulna, Right
No. SH241-DL. Only $22.49
No. SH241-DR. Only $24.49

Radius, Left Radius, Right
No. SH241-EL. Only $22.49
No. SH241-ER. Only $22.49

Clavicle, Left Scapula Left
No. SH241-KL. Only $16.95
No. SH241-SL. Only $16.95
Clavicle, Right Scapula, Right
No. SH241-KR. Only $16.95
No. SH241-SR. Only $16.95