Leg Skeletons
Also see Anatomical Models showing Human Legs with Muscles.
Leg Skeleton w/ Hip Bone, Left
Life-size.  Fully articulated. 
Leg Skeleton w/ Hip Bone, Right
Life-size.  Fully articulated. 
No. SH245-HL. Only $144.95
No. SH245-HR. Only $149.95

Classic Left Leg Skeleton Classic Right Leg Skeleton
No. SH245-AL. Only $129.95
No. SH245-AR. Only $139.95

Left Femur Right Femur
No. SH245-BL. Only $45.95
No. SH245-BR. Only $45.95

Left Tibia Right Tibia
No. SH245-CL. Only $27.99
No. SH245-CR. Only $27.99

Left Fibula Right Fibula
No. SH245-DL. Only $18.95
No. SH245-DR. Only $18.95
Patella, Left
No. SH245-EL. Only $23.49
Patella, Right
No. SH245-ER. Only $23.49


Femoral Fracture & Hip Osteoarthritis
    This half life-size model shows the right hip joint of an elderly person.  It depicts a common femoral fracture and typical wear and tear of the hip joint. A fontal section through the femoral neck is shown in relief on the base.  Comes mounted on a stand.
No. SH245-FF. Only $89.95