Jumbo Ear Models

4-Part Human Ear
    Three times life-size, this anatomical model of the human ear provides a faithful and highly detailed representation of the outer, middle and inner ear.  Removable eardrum with hammer, anvil and stirrup, as well as 2-part labyrinth with cochlea and auditory / balance nerve.  Comes with base.
No. SH273-BA.  Only $149.95

6-Part Human Ear
    Same as above, but with two additional removable bone sections to close the middle and inner ear. 
No. SH273-BB.  Only $189.95

Giant 5X Ear
   This ear is a whopping 5 times life-size for easy viewing from anywhere in the classroom! The Giant ear model represents the outer, middle and inner ear. Auditory ossicles and labyrinth with cochlea and vestibulocochlear nerve are removable from ear for more detailed anatomy study. Ear model delivered on base for easy display.
No. SH273-DA. Only $359.95