Dental Development
Milk Denture Jaws Adult Denture Jaws
Milk Denture Jaws
   Upper and lower jaw opened to show the arrangement of the remaining teeth in this milk dentures model. The milk dentures model comes with base. 
No. SH291-AA. Only $189.95
Adult Denture Jaws
    Adult dentures with Tooth roots, spongiosa, vessels, and nerves exposed. The lower jaw is movable on the adult denture model. Comes on base.
No. SH291-AB. Only $219.95

Dental Development Set Detail - young adult
Dental Development Model Set
   Cast from natural specimens, a series of 4 upper and lower jaw halves show four different stages of dental development: newborn, 5-year-old child, 9-year-old child and young adult.
No. SH291-BA. Only $224.95

Premier Dental Development Model Set Detail
Premier Dental Development Model Set
Four life-size unbreakable plastic models, mounted on a single hardwood base, traces the development of human jaws and teeth from birth through adulthood.  Each model depicts the right half of the maxilla and mandible cut open to expose the roots of the teeth and developing teeth with the jaws.  Color coded to identify deciduous, successional and superadded permanent teeth, this series includes jaws of newborn, 5-year-old, 9-year-old and adult.  Overall dimension 9 x 18 x 4 inches.

NOTE: This is hand-made model, custom made to order.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

No. SH291-CA. Only $349.95