Muscles of the Hand and Wrist

Internal Finger Structure Model
    This full-size model shows the bones, muscles and tendons of the human index finger.  Stand included.
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3-Part Internal Hand Structure
   Full-size hand model shows the superficial and internal structures of the hand, including bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and arteries (superficial and deep palmar arches). The palmar aponeurosis and plate of the superficial tendons are removable. 
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Hand Skeleton w/ Ligaments Hand Skeleton w/ Ligaments & Muscles Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hand Skeleton w/ Ligaments
This 3-part life-size hand skeleton model shows the anatomical detail of the ligaments and tendons found in the hand, wrist, and lower forearm. The interosseous membrane between the radius and ulna is shown along with the bones of the hand. The flexor retunaculum is removable from the hand skeleton. In addition there is a removable portion that can be fitted on the back of the hand model. This portion features the clinically important structures of the carpal tunnel such as the flexor retinaculum, mediane nerve, and tendons of the hand. This high quality hand model anatomically correct is great for detailed study.   Comes with base.
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Hand Skeleton w/ Ligaments & Muscles
    The bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, arteries, and veins are all featured in this high quality 4 part model of the hand and lower forearm. The dorsal side of the hand shows the extensor muscles as well as portions of the tendons at the wrist as they pass under the extensor retunaculum. The palmar face of the hand is represented in three layers, the first two are removable to allow detailed study of the deeper anatomical layer of the hand. In addition clinically important structures such as the median nerve and superficial palmar arterial arch can be explored in detail in the hand model. The deepest anatomical layer allows for study of the intrinsic muscles and deep palmar arterial arch in addition to other details of the anatomy of the hand. This high quality anatomically correct hand model is life size and comes with base.
No. SH383-BB.  Only $349.95
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Model
   Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), or median neuropathy at the wrist, is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to numbness and muscle weakness in the hand. The diagnosis of CTS is often misapplied to patients who have activity-related arm pain. This model consists of a hand skeleton showing appropriate muscles and nerves. A patient information card explains everything.
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Deluxe Therapy Hand
   This colorful visually-oriented desktop model illustrates key features of structural anatomy that are essential to understanding and treating hand injuries. Cast from an actual human hand and wrist, both the volar and dorsal aspects of this life size replica have been schematically painted to aid the clinician or therapist in the visualization of the following significant anatomical structures and injury zones within the hand: (1) Bony anatomy (2) Primary tendon and ligament structures and how they relate to bony anatomy (3) Palpable superficial tendons, nerves and blood vessels of the volar wrist (4) Schematic representations of the thenar and hypothenar muscles of the palm (5) Five primary types of fracture injuries common to the hand and (6) Tendon injury zones on both the dorsal and volar aspects of the hand
    This highly-detailed model shows the hand in an upright position mounted on an attractive wood base.  It also comes with a quick-reference booklet covering hand anatomy relevant to hand injury and therapy/  Measures 3H ×6 W inches overall

NOTE: This is hand-made model, custom made to order.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

No. SH383-DA.  Only $499.95