Elbow Models
Also See: Skeletal Joint Sets (Bones without Muscles)/  Great models of functional joints. 
Muscled Elbow Joint
Full size normal right elbow (humerus to hand) includes: biceps brachii, brachialis, pronator teres and supinator muscles; distal, middle and proximal phalanges, humerus, metacarpal, thumb distal phalanx, radius and ulna bones; extensor carpi radialis brevis, extensor carpi radialis longus, flexor carpi radialis, flexor retinaculum and palmar carpal ligaments; radial, median and ulnar nerves. Comes with patient information card and base
Model Size: 19” x 3” x 6”. 
Also available as part of our Joint Sets
No. SH388-GA.  Only $149.95

Mini Elbow Joint Model
    This model has been reduced to half natural size, permitting it to easily fit just about anywhere.  In spite of its small size, it has all the functionality of the life-size models described below. This superbly detailed model features a joint cross section mounted on the base which may be used to explain what is happening within the joint. 
Mini Elbow Joint Model without base
No. SH388-AA.  Only $44.95
Mini Elbow Joint Model with base
No. SH388-AB.  Only $54.95
Also available as part of our Joint Sets


Functional Elbow Joint
This life-size flexible joint may be used to demonstrate abduction, anteversion, retroversion, internal rotation, external rotation and more.  Great for patient education.
Mounted on base.
Deluxe Functional Elbow Model
   This natural size right joint with ligaments demonstrates the same physiological movements as the Functional Shoulder Model.  The color of  the natural cast bones is extremely realistic. The cartilage on the joint surfaces is marked blue. Mounted on base
No. SH388-CA.  Only $109.95
No. SH388-CB.  Only $139.95

Both of the above models are available as part of our Joint Sets

Elbow Joint with Removable Muscles
  This model shows the right elbow of a male with individual muscles plus muscular origin and insertions on the humerus, radius and ulna. For didactic reasons, the areas of the muscular origins (red) and insertion (blue) are raised and color coded. The muscles can be attached to and removed from the from the corresponding area of origin and insertion.
No. SH388-DA.  Only $349.95