Male Genitalia
Male Testicle with Cancer
   One-half scale, mid-sagittal section male pelvis, shows anatomy of the pelvis and testis. A testicle with cancer is included. Testicle depicts a seminoma tumor, one of the two most common tumors. The 2-sided education card features the male pelvis on one side and 3 stages of testis tumors on the second side.
No. SH402-AA, Only $89.95

Male Pelvis with Normal Prostate
     A one-half scale mid-sagittal section showing the anatomy of the pelvis and testis, includes a normal size prostate. The education card shows three prostate stages including normal and benign hypertrophy. 
Male Pelvis with 3 Enlarged Prostates
   This reduced size model is of a mid sagital section of the male pelvis. Base displays three 3-dimensional cross-sections of the prostate gland, representing normal, moderately enlarged prostate and advanced BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypeplasia / Enlarged Prostate). Comes with base and education card.  Size: 8” x 2-1/2” x 1/4”
No. SH402-AB, Only $89.95
No. SH402-AC, Only $99.95

Testicle Model Inguinal Hernia Model
Testicle Model
This life-size testicle model offers an extremely natural feel. By using SKINlike™ (dermatologically tested), 3B's new high-quality silicon, learning and practicing self-examinations of the testicles becomes even more realistic. The scrotum contains two movable testicles, the epididymi and the spermatic cords for palpation. Two pathological findings can be felt in the left testicle. The front of the model also includes a replica of the beginning of the penis. Supplied with detailed instructions for self-examination and a carrying bag.
No. SH402-BA,Only $159.95
Inguinal Hernia Model
   This natural-sized, graphic model shows the anatomical structures of a male groin with an indirect inguinal hernia, opened in layers. Two diagrammatic illustrations on the base allow for a comparison of direct and indirect hernia. A useful model to help inform patients before undergoing surgical interventions. Mounted on base.
No. SH402-BB. Only $79.95