Female Genital Organs
Uterus Model Female Pelvis Cross Section
Uterus and Ovaries
    Full size cross section model illustrates multiple pathologies, some of which include: adhesions, carcinoma in four common areas, cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, pedunculated fibroid tumor, polyps, and salpingitis.  8.75” x 6.254” x 2.5”
No. SH405-AA. Only $89.95
Female Pelvis Cross Section
     A one-half scale mid-sagittal cross section of the pelvis showing female anatomy, includes the ovary and fallopian tubes.  Comes on base with removable patient education card. 6.25 x 2.75 x 5.5 inches.
No. SH405-AB. Only $89.95

Stages of Fertilization
   The model schematically illustrates how the ovum matures, how ovulation and fertilization occur and how the fertilized ovum develops to the stage where it embeds itself in the womb wall to begin the growth into an embryo.
    The various stages are shown in larger-than-life model form in an ovary, fallopian tube and womb. An even more enlarged illustration of each is also printed on the base. Supplied on a base.
No. SH405-BA. Only $334.95

Female Pelvis Skeleton  with Genitals
   Shows the female sex organs  in the context of their anatomical position in the the pelvis. It consists of female pelvis with a movable symphysis, hip bone, sacrum, coccyx, 2 lumbar vertebrae and a female genital insert with rectum.  The womb and bladder can be removed for more detailed anatomical study. Come with base permitting easy display in the classroom or doctor's office.
No. SH405-BB. Only $284.95