Life Before Birth
Human Life Development Set
A remarkable series of 8 models that show the complete stages of development.  Each is separately mounted on its own stand.  Each model is also available separately.
No. SH410-AS. Only $869.95
   The models are shown, left to right, above. Also available individually.  See below
1st Month Embryo 5th Month Fetus  - Breech Position
No. SH410-AA. Only $104.95
No. SH410-AE. Only $139.95
2nd Month Embryo 5th Month Fetus - Transverse Lie
No. SH410-AB. Only $104.95
No. SH410-AF. Only $154.95
3rd Month Embryo 5th Month Twin Fetus - Normal Position
No. SH410-AC. Only $119.95
No. SH410-AG. Only $169.95
4th Month Fetus - Transverse Lie 7th Month Fetus - Normal Position
No. SH410-AD. Only $139.95
No. SH410-AH. Only $159.95

Life Before Birth - 5 Models 4 week Embryo Model
Life Before Birth - 5 Models
    A set of five models.  1st, 2nd and 3rd Month Embryos and 5th and 7th Month Fetuses.  They are the same models listed separately above, but all are mounted together on one base.  13 x 41 x 31 cm.
No. SH410-AT. Only $514.95
4 Week Embryo Model
This human embryo replica shows the anatomy of an embryo at approximately 4 weeks old. At 25 times life size this human embryo is great for studying human development. The high quality model is affordable without sacrificing any anatomical detail.
No. SH410-BA. Only $89.95

Embryo Development Set
   This enlarged model represents shows 12 stages of embryo development. 
   The first 8 models are enlarged approx. 4,000 times and are displayed on a baseboard.  All can be easily removed.  They show: Ovule shortly after fertilization, Two-cell stage, Four-cell stage, Seven-cell stage, Morula stage,Blastocyst with trophoblast and embryoblast, Blastocyst with early formation of embryo process, and Blastocyst with start of implantation
    The other 4 models are enlarged approx. 4-5 times.  They show an embryo on 12th day, 20th, day, 28th day and second month.  All next together to provide an effective and comprehensive presentation of the subject.
No. SH410-CA. Only $594.95