Human Stomach Models
2-Part Stomach Model 3-Part Stomach Model
2-Part Stomach Model
    This anatomical model of the human stomach shows the different and individual layers of the stomach wall.  The front half of the stomach is removable.  Depicted are: the lower esophagus, vessels, and nerves.  Comes with stand. 
No. SH433-BA.Only $179.95
3-Part Stomach Model
   Same features as above, but also has removable duodenum and pancreas.
No. SH433-BB. Only $284.95

Stomach with Ulcers, Model 1 Stomach with Ulcers, Model 2
Stomach with Ulcers, Model 1
    This pathology model demonstrates various stages of gastritis from a light gastric ulcer to a perforation.  The stomach section with oesophagus and duodenum attachment in half life-size and shows the following pathological changes: erythematous gastritis, erosive gastritis, hemorrhagic gastritis, healing stage with scar formation, atrophic gastritis, hypertrophic gastritis, bleeding ulcer and perforated ulcer.  An additional relief model of the enlarged stomach wall shows: healthy mucous membrane, acute gastritis in the antral area, erosive gastritis with mucous membrane defects,  bleeding ulcer (eroded muscularis mucosae), perforated ulcer (all stomach layers eroded).  Comes mounted on a base.
No. SH433-CA. Only $79.95
Stomach and Ulcers Model Model 2
One-piece, life-size cutaway section of the stomach.  This anatomical models shows esophageal inflammation, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.  Mounted on plastic base with removable patient education card.  8" x 1.25 x 6.25". 
No. SH433-CB. Only $74.95

Life Size Stomach
  Handpainted in contrasting colors to accentuate subtle features, this anatomically-correct resilient vinyl replica splits into halves to access its hollow interior, convoluted rugae and pyloric valve. External details include the gastric artery, gastric nerve plexus, and dissections of the anterior stomach wall, at progressive depths, exposing its three muscular layers. Extra Value Feature: The detachable molded display base incorporates the proximal portion of the duodenum, sectioned open, demonstrating its relationship to the stomach. The accompanying key identifies 17 features which have been hand numbered on the model. Overall dimensions: 4x6x7 inches (11x14x18cm).
NOTE: This is hand-made model, custom made to order.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.
No. SH433-AA. Only $144.95